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Good evening followers, I apologise for my absence this week but I have been away touring without my laptop (how did I cope??!!)

I am back now though, and raring to tell you about an exciting exhibition currently showing in Selfridges department store.

The Museum of Everything is displaying a retrospective to the self taught fibre artist Judith Scott, featuring over 50 assembled works by this compelling and talented woman.`

Scott’s story is both sad and inspiring in equal measure. Born in 1953 profoundly deaf, mute and with down syndrome, the artist’s start in life was less than easy. Whilst her parents understood that she was not developing in the same way as her fraternal twin sister, they did not recognise her hearing impairment. This resulted in Scott being labelled as having a profound intellectual disability and saw her placed in an institution.

Thirty seven years later, after being removed from the institution by her twin and relocated to California, Scott began attending the Creative Growth Art Center.

At first she showed no signs of interest or talent, merely scribbling loops and circles onto paper, but several months later Scott observed a fibre arts class conducted by visiting artist Sylvia Seventy. From this moment she began to create beautiful and unique sculptures with intense enthusiasm and concentration. 

Judith Scott's work is created through the acquisition of found or stolen objects wrapped in carefully selected coloured yarn. Through this technique she give life to the old and unwanted, perhaps mirroring her own feelings of loss and confinement. Many of her sculptures also feature as pairs, expressing her unyielding connection to the twin sister who saved her from a life of isolation.

Having acheived worldwide acclaim for her exceptional talent, Scott’s work has gone on to be exhibited in galleries throughout the world. Now, five years after her death, The Musuem of Everything is presenting the first British retrospective to this unique and inspiring artist.

You can view Judith Scott's work in all its technicoloured glory until the 25th October at Selfridges on Oxford Street.


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